1. It's a v good app that will eventually get billions of users
  2. The most followers I've ever had on anything is 25 before I freak out
  3. I will eventually forget my password
  4. It's is the only form of social media I'm currently active on
  5. I really like it so far but it's like the last season of love and hip hop...all good things must come to an end
  6. I'm far too dramatic about Internet life v real life I can't seem to grasp any perspective on it
  7. Eventually my left brain will turn Jaden smith and my right mr robot about who is really on here
  8. I've seen every episode of catfish and I refuse to be on the receiving end of so much shame re: fatass kelly price
  9. I'm still not strong enough to not be affected by mean anonymous people
  10. People are real and special and have smells and expressions and it freaks me out to be limited to experiencing that through my phone screen
  11. I only have 10 in real life friends half of which are my siblings and myself. I could make them join but then I could just send them lists on group chat or when we talk which is everyday
  12. Like right now I'm taking a shit as I write this. That is v important information how do I know what everyone else I doing. What if you just rescued a puppy or lost someone you love I have no idea I need information before communication with human beings
  13. If we met in real life we could ask questions or read body language I don't know I'm not Russell brand or the Dalai Lama I don't have all the answers but social media blows my mind like the fuck?