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I'm not saying I don't like her.... I just question who/what she is
  1. JK Rowling had nothing to do with the Cursed Child
  2. Anastasia isn't on broadway right now
  3. Percy Jackson and the Titans Curse is a movie
  4. Titanic II is a movie
    It is, but she says it's about how they find Jack frozen in a block of ice after Rose dies and he has to get used to modern life
  1. Everyone except the girl that sits next to me is speaking German
  2. There's a woman reading To Kill a Mockingbird
  3. It's very quiet
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  1. This feels so good
  2. Why haven't I done this before?
  3. My guy is very quiet
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  1. Eat chips and salsa
  2. Watch Schitt's Creek
  3. Curl up in a blanket
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  1. Ate three pieces of pizza as a fourth meal in rehearsal 😐
  2. Had froyo for lunch
  3. Not do my logic homework
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  1. The Greens are digging themselves deeper and deeper into a hole
  2. If Mary dies I will cry so much
  3. Jed's mom is evil
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These are just my favorite go-to Saturday Night Live sketches that I watch when I'm bored, mostly from the last decade.
  1. 1.
    Hamm & Bublé
    I want to hug Michael Bublé
  2. 2.
    39 cents
    "Why not an Arizona Iced Tea? They're .99$"
  3. 3.
    Morning News (James Franco)
    "Use the whole damn egg!"
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I'm in rehearsal and I'm hating life
  1. My bed
  2. Home
  3. A big field
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  1. Oatmeal with chopped apple, dried cranberries, and brown sugar
  2. Half a grapefruit
  3. Organic Darjeeling tea
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My brother and I shouted this to each other far too many times when we were finally reunited at the end of summer and spent two weekends together. We don't even watch How I Met Your Mother that much.
  1. Cleaning his apartment
    My father was very confused.
  2. While out to dinner in Cleveland
  3. About 30+ times in the car
    Driving back from Cleveland. We listened to classical music and shouted it at each other to keep us awake.
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