Places Gabe and I yelled "NOBODY ASKED YOU, PATRICE!"

My brother and I shouted this to each other far too many times when we were finally reunited at the end of summer and spent two weekends together. We don't even watch How I Met Your Mother that much.
  1. Cleaning his apartment
    My father was very confused.
  2. While out to dinner in Cleveland
  3. About 30+ times in the car
    Driving back from Cleveland. We listened to classical music and shouted it at each other to keep us awake.
  4. Mount Horeb
    A weird little town in the middle of nowhere in Wisconsin. Known for it's love of trolls.
  5. Lobby of American Players Theatre
    We were about to go in to see a play
  6. In the APT seats
    Like, two minutes later
  7. APT lobby (again) and on walk back to the car
    After the play
  8. Car
    Driving home from Madison
  9. On the sidewalk
    At the outlet mall. My mother was also very confused.