Bought a 4 plex end of July and prior landlord put in a real winner
  1. The male adult has been picked up twice in last 3 weeks for being crazy off his meds
  2. That same guy told me the 6 month baby fell twice from changing table
  3. Neighbor told me the guy told him the mother of his children is putting oxyclean in their bottles/cups.
  4. The same guy texts me gibberish about a van with a Fitbit from his woman's cell phone in middle of night
  5. The same guy texts me weird stuff during day at work
  6. The same guy chases neighbors from several buildings for cigarettes and sugar
  7. The woman tells me he left her. Well, yeah, he left when the cops picked him up and took him away.
  8. Same woman tells every landlord it's just her and the kids, moves in, and there he is too.
  9. There are some weird bugs in the garbage cans outside.
  10. There's more - but I feel better now - sharing with whomever reads this.