1. To Australia
  2. It's my 29th birthday present to myself
  3. I'm visiting a boy
  4. Who I met in Peru
  5. Over 3 years ago
  6. He was the bartender at our hostel (classic)
  7. We a little bit fell in love
  8. For the next few months after I got home we tried to plan a trip together but life kept getting in the way
  9. Last year, two years after we had met, he had a 24 hour layover in LA (where I live)
  10. It was magic.
  11. He planned to come back that June for a week long pacific coast road trip, but that fell through
  12. I invited him to a Christmas wedding in Costa Rica, but he couldn't make it
  13. And now
  14. I'm going to visit him for 2 weeks
  15. In Australia (he's Australian, if that wasn't clear)
  16. We've never spent more than 24 hours together
  17. I think it's gonna be great.