1. "Stars Hollow: Who Aged Well and Who Did NOT"
    I'm talking to you Zach
  2. "Richard Died and We're All Crying"
  3. "Mr. Kim Does Exist"
  4. "What The Hell Happened to Miss Patty?"
  5. "The New and Improved Fashion of the Gilmore Girls"
    Well done girls, every outfit on point 👏🏼
  6. "When Does Jess Show Up?"
  7. "Rory Disappoints Us All"
    Haven't you learned anything Rory?!
  8. "Stars Hollow, the Musical"
    Like that went on for SO long
  9. "The Misadventures of Luke's New Hair"
    v. disconcerting
  10. "Emily Finds Her Calling Terrifying Small Children"
  11. "6 Hours of Crap and One Beautiful Luke/Lorelai Scene"
  12. "Those Final Four Words"
  13. "Gilmore Girls: Full Circle"
    Had to.