2. So my whole life I have had really bad social anxiety
  3. And I've always felt sort of alone in that
  4. People usually call me "shy", which is not necessarily true, but I am more of an introvert (ISFJ here!) and I usually am very quiet when I first meet new people.
  5. When I say I have anxiety, what I mean is that it's extremely hard for me to open up to people/talk about my feelings and I have this completely irrational (and huge) fear of rejection
  6. Recently, I've seen a lot of attention on anxiety in social media/pop culture
    Things like Facebook, buzzfeed, those random viral posts and articles
  7. And several of my friends have opened up to me about having anxiety and even being on medication for it!
  8. And these are people that I NEVER would have imagined struggle with anxiety—People who are very outgoing and friendly and open.
  9. I guess I never imagined that very outgoing people could have anxiety, just because with me, I feel like my anxiety keeps me from being that way
  10. And it just has made me realize that there are so many types of anxiety and that not everyone deals with it the same way and not everyone may present like me but that doesn't mean they're not facing the same struggles I do everyday
  11. Anyways, it has made me feel a little more normal and less alone ❤️
  12. S/o to all my fellow anxiety peeps!