Sorry not sorry 😬
  1. "Friends": Ross/Rachel/Joey
    ROSS. Don't even get me started on the Joey/Rachel storyline... 🙄
  2. "Gossip Girl" (the show): Serena/Dan/Blair
    SERENA. Okay I absolutely LOVED Blair and Dan just as friends...I was so disappointed that they had to take it farther than that. Is it not possible for a girl and guy to JUST BE FRIENDS on this show??! (The answer is no)
  3. "Gossip Girl" (the books): Serena/Nate/Blair
    BLAIR, but mostly because Serena just annoyed the crap out of me?
  4. "The Hunger Games": Peeta/Katniss/Gale
    PEETA. You guys, is there honestly anyone who is Team Gale?
  5. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer": Buffy/Angel/Spike
    ANGEL. Don't get me wrong—I absolutely love Spike as a character, but Buffy and Angel are soul mates
  6. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer": Willow/Oz/Tara
    OZ. Before you get all mad: I like Tara a lot, okay, and I'm down with Willow being a lesbian. But. I love Oz, and there is something so sweet about these two, especially in season 2. You can't beat first loves!
  7. "Gilmore Girls": Rory/Jess/Dean
    JESS. My feelings on this have changed as I've watched the show at different ages. I've come to the conclusion that it matters most what kind of men these boys turned into. (Dean is human garbage and Jess really turns his life around and is always there for Rory but also never takes her crap)
  8. "Gilmore Girls": Luke/Lorelai/Chris
  9. "Twilight": Edward/Bella/Jacob
    EDWARD. I realize that Jacob is hotter with his shirt off in the movies but who are you kidding? Bella was in love with Edward to a pathological and pathetic degree. ((Side note: the gifs I found for "Edward Bella" were extremely disturbing))
  10. "One Tree Hill": Lucas/Peyton/Brooke
    BROOKE. I just really liked Brooke, okay? Peyton was always so angsty.
  11. "Scandal": Olivia/Fitz/Jake
    FITZ. I have to admit I stopped watching this show a while ago, but this is how I felt during the first few seasons
  12. "How I Met Your Mother": Barney/Robin/Ted
    BARNEY. Don't EVEN get me started on how effed up this show ended
  13. "Lost": Kate/Jack/Sawyer
    JACK. I stand firmly behind this.
  14. "The O.C.": Seth/Summer/Anna
    SUMMER. Don't get me wrong, I liked Anna, but Seth and Summer are like the only reason people watched this show, am I right?
  15. "The Vampire Diaries": Stefan/Elena/Damon
    DAMON. I don't even like this show BUT I STILL HAVE AN OPINION
  16. "Riverdale": Archie/Betty/Jughead
    JUGHEAD: I couldn't care less about Archie's character, while Jughead and Betty are easily my favorites. Together, they are adorably weird and I love it. Also, Cole Sprouse is yum.
  17. "Veronica Mars": Veronica/Logan/Duncan
    LOGAN. Yes please.
  18. "Roswell": Liz/Max/Tess
    LIZ. UGH Tess just GO AWAY already!