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  1. Dessimmate your Simpson game town on your iPad so you can rebuild it from scratch
    Until you get carpal tunnel and burnt eyeballs from this tedious thing you kind of regret doing but can't stop until it is back in order
  2. Binge watch that TV show everyone keeps telling you to watch from two years ago
    Until lighting makes your cable fritz
  3. Groom your dog
    He will find this annoying since he is trying to sleep
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  1. Dad in the 70s
  2. Mess my kids left when they moved
  3. New carpet...wood matches my dog
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  1. No one ever learned anything by doing all of the talking
    You will find out so much more about life and people if you just listen
  2. Keep your head down and your chin up
    Sit back and take things in while maintaining a positive attitude
  3. You are the only one responsible for what you put in your body...it's your hand going towards your mouth
    This applies to food, drink, cigs, drugs . Don't blame others for your voluntary intake
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  1. Meeting two charming children who talked my ear off when I was walking my Great Dane
  2. Getting a cheerleader text from my best friend for no reason other than to tell me nice things
  3. Drinking a chocolate milkshake in the sunshine