1. No one ever learned anything by doing all of the talking
    You will find out so much more about life and people if you just listen
  2. Keep your head down and your chin up
    Sit back and take things in while maintaining a positive attitude
  3. You are the only one responsible for what you put in your body...it's your hand going towards your mouth
    This applies to food, drink, cigs, drugs . Don't blame others for your voluntary intake
  4. If you are obsessing about your own problems volunteer to help another person place or cause. Nothing gets your mind off of things like focusing on giving back
    Or play with a baby or puppy
  5. Be the friend you want to have. Treat others how you want to be treated
  6. Trust your instincts, but give people a second chance.
    Some of my best friends, jobs, vacations Etc started off a bit iffy...hang around for awhile and things may improve
  7. Share
    Sesame Street was right...
  8. Learn how to say no
    Most things you can't or don't want to do don't and shouldn't require anything more than a "no"