Make a list
  1. Dessimmate your Simpson game town on your iPad so you can rebuild it from scratch
    Until you get carpal tunnel and burnt eyeballs from this tedious thing you kind of regret doing but can't stop until it is back in order
  2. Binge watch that TV show everyone keeps telling you to watch from two years ago
    Until lighting makes your cable fritz
  3. Groom your dog
    He will find this annoying since he is trying to sleep
  4. Eat the banana nut muffins you were saving for breakfast
    Now you have nothing to eat in the morning
  5. Wonder how your backyard will look in the daylight and if your chair cushions will be in the trees
    I forgot to take them in
  6. Try to motivate yourself to check on your car parked on the street after the flash flooding warning alert screamed from your phone
    Decide it is too late to worry about it, what's done is done, and besides you have insurance (lazy)
  7. Plan the menu for the picnic you are invited to this weekend
    Draw a complete blank because you will be with people you don't know well and don't know what they like
  8. Try again to groom your dog because you are bored
    He will look at you like he would rather go outside into the hideous storm than let you near his paws
  9. Think of all the ways you might start working out more
    But don't actually get out of bed and maybe do a few sit ups
  10. Worry about how tired you will be at work in the morning
    This is highly conducive to getting back to sleep
  11. Online shop for nephew's birthday present
    And then realize he is turning one and will probably like the box more
  12. Find it funny that your sprinkler attachment was delivered today
  13. Try a new face mask
    This usually happens because you go into the bathroom for some aspirin because of he headache from the air pressure, pick your face and then try to emergency treat it before!
  14. Decide to make a list
    Writing this all out instead of keeping it rolling around in my skull will hopefully give me peace and put me back to sleep