My dad's mom passed away this week. She was 90 and she had some pretty sweet moves. I should like to steal some of them, but she deserves credit.
  1. Make your own kind of small talk
    Sometimes open-ended questions do the trick. My grandma was fond of asking simply "So, what do you know?" (I find myself asking myself this question a lot. Often the answer is "not much.")
  2. Just wear a sweatshirt
    My grandma was a pretty casual lady. She wore dresses when attending weddings and she always looked lovely, but for most occasions her getting "dressed up" involved putting on a nice sweatshirt, pants, and comfortable shoes. (A nice sweatshirt usually has something embroidered on the front.)
  3. You don't need a man
    Her husband (my grandpa) died more than 25 years ago. She loved him and missed him, but she didn't cease to exist without him.
  4. You don't always have to tell people what you're thinking
    I'm quite certain that my grandma had plenty of thoughts and feelings and opinions that she kept all to herself.
  5. You don't have to go to a party just because you were invited
    My oldest brother planned his wedding in less than a week. He didn't really want to invite a bunch of people (or any people) but my parents insisted that he invite grandma. He did and she was like, no thanks! I think she had a doctor's appointment that day and didn't want to go rearranging her schedule just because her weirdo grandson decided to get married on a Tuesday afternoon.
  6. You can end a conversation whenever it pleases you
    You're probably getting the sense that my grandma had a pretty minimalist approach to conversation. Maybe this was something she started doing in her old age, but I love the fact that when she was done talking to someone on the phone, she would abruptly say, "Okay! Bye!" I really wish I had used this technique at the bar this Halloween when the annoying dude dressed as a Fraggle wouldn't leave me alone. Edline wouldn't have stood for his s**t, I'm sure of it.
  7. Have a garden
    Fresh vegetables are the best. And fruit trees in your backyard mean you'll never be without pie.