1. megan boyle - liveblog
    read it as a blog, can't wait to see it un-lived
  2. molly crabapple - drawing blood
    her art is compassionate and brave and i love that she can write about what she does.
  3. state of play: creators and critics on video game culture
    when i was in school the only academics abour video games was some weird fixation on second life by people i'm pretty sure didn't play it. i'm ready for serious video game theory, this looks promising.
  4. ted merwin - pastrami on rye: and overstuffed history of the jewish deli
    obsessed with pragmatism and innovation in american cuisine. been reading a lot on american chinese food, considering thisna follow up to that.
  5. jack goody - food and love: a cultural history of east and west
    i can't find this one at the library for some reason. i'm convinced of a connection between development of agriculture and gender relations and taboos of all kinds and i really want to see what goody has to say about it.
  6. clancy martin - bad sex
    looks like it's about sex and alcohol. i like martin's essays.