1. Last night, Donald Trump held a rally in Buffalo, NY.
  2. And like every other stop he's made in the country so far, it was a shit show.
  3. They shut down the neighborhood around the arena because they feared protestors and supporters would clash.
  4. Trump brought in all sorts of security and snipers and everything.
    It's like he's asking for it.
  5. They televised the rally, so I watched the first little bit.
    Side note, Trump's rally drew the same size crowd as Bernie's did when he was here. Difference is Trumps was scheduled weeks ago. Bernie's was on only 3 days notice.
  6. He spewed the usual anger and played to the crowds emotions and their fears of a "broken country"
    Spearheaded, obviously, by minorities and immigrants.
  7. Anyway, there was a group of protestors that managed to get inside. And Trump spared no time in going after them verbally, while commanding his security team to forcefully eject them.
    There's a video online of them literally dragging people out by their arms or legs. Literally dragging. Its unreal.
  8. There's also a picture of a protestor being carried out that I think encapsulates this entire campaign (and the backlash to it) so far. Here it is:
  9. Trump stands for hate. And you can talk politics or not, or whether protestors have a right to disrupt the way they do, but the point is clear in this pic.
  10. Even in the face of said hatred, she's making a heart sign with her hands.
  11. At the end of the day, that's all we want.
  12. Peace and love.
  13. Not hate.
  14. Please vote today if you live in NY.
    And when it's your state's turn, vote then.
  15. ❤️