We all knew her.
  1. Though I am currently taking a break from List, I wanted to come back for a second to say something in light of just finding out some tragic news.
  2. It's weird to try and eulogize someone who you've never actually met.
  3. But that's what this platform and community does. It makes connections between strangers in an intimate and genuine way.
  4. I would not have experienced any of that if not for @biz.
  5. She was my second follower, and she made me feel welcome here.
  6. In the early going, she liked/relisted/commented on almost all of my lists. It was very encouraging for someone initially trying to find their way in a new space.
  7. It was her caring attention to my seemingly meaningless content that encouraged me to continue using the app.
  8. That was biz.
  9. So gracious.
  10. So thoughtful.
  11. So caring.
  12. So encouraging.
  13. And that was how she interacted with everyone.
  14. She would leave quick impressions of herself here with her lists. A brief look into her being, saying "look at this page here…" but then closing the book gently on your hand.
    A shitty analogy but I can't think right now.
  15. Each one was insightful. And earnest. And quirky. And unique.
  16. She spread a lot of light. And that she couldn't find it herself is what's truly devastating.
  17. Idk what else to say.
  18. Goodnight.
  19. 💔