1. I felt happiness, or something resembling happiness, for the first time in MONTHS this past weekend.
    Specifically Saturday.
  2. On Friday, I did not watch the inauguration. Instead I watched the vital documentary 13th on Netflix and binge watched the gorgeous Amazon show Transparent.
  3. Friday night I went to see the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra perform Amadeus.
    Now more then ever, support your local arts, people.
  4. Saturday night I went out with some close friends and got super drunk.
  5. Sunday was my actual birthday. I spent most of the day at my favorite record store in the city. I also signed a lease on an apartment. At night I went to dinner with my sister, mom and dad.
    They are divorced so it was slightly awkward, but whatevs.
  6. //
  7. But the highlight of this great weekend was Saturday during the day.
  8. I attended the Buffalo Women's March.
  9. It was truly something beautiful.
  10. The diversity of people attending was breathtaking.
  11. There were several speakers, all with great and important messages.
  12. Every topic you could think of was mentioned through the course of the rally.
    Indigenous land rights. Racial injustice. Unfair incarceration. Healthcare. Education. Freedom of the press. Freedom of speech. Climate change. Jobs and wage equality. LGBTQIA rights. Immigration. Treatment of the disabled. And of course, women's rights.
  13. I think the best speech was delivered by a woman who described herself as a queer immigrant.
  14. She eloquently touched on both the fears of the upcoming administration and the strength we all need to show to fight for our common ideals.
  15. At the end of the rally, the entire crowd sang "We shall not be moved" together.
  16. The rest of the day, my timeline on twitter was filled with the Women's Marches from all over the world.
    All 7 continents!
  17. The humanity. The love. The inclusion. The strength. The solidarity.
  18. It was incredibly inspiring.
  19. But this was just one day. The hard work continues now, and its going to be an everyday fight.
  20. Because it already has been an everyday fight, for many people for many years. This country has never really known true equality and freedom for all of its citizens. The history cannot be ignored. This is not, as some people were saying, the beginning.
    The "beginning" was centuries ago, tbh.
  21. Someone on Twitter pointed out, if you are just starting your activism now, you are late. But you are welcomed.
  22. We also need to do our best to recognize and check our individual privilege.
    As a Straight White Man I am not exempt to this, obviously. My privilege is the clearest and most overt.
  23. It is our job to amplify and support the voices of those who have historically been victims. Who have historically been disenfranchised. Who have not had the luxury of an individual privilege.
  24. //
  25. Living in the moment of Saturday, we really got to see the best of what our American society, and overall humanity has to offer.
  26. People all over this divided country, and people all over the world, demonstrating that Love really does Trump Hate.
  27. I cried at the beauty of it all.
  28. My jaded, cynical, nihilistic shell melted briefly.
  29. And I felt happiness.
  30. Static