I really hate posting about birthdays, so normally I would never do this. But it's not every day Jerry Seinfeld is in town on your birthday.
  1. So today I turn 24
    Yikes. Saying that out loud makes me need a handful of Xanax.
  2. And as a gift from my dad, I'm going to see Jerry Seinfeld perform tonight!
    Yes, THAT Jerry Seinfeld.
  3. He's performing at Shea's Theater
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    Shea's is located in downtown Buffalo, NY. It is one of the oldest theaters of its kind in the country and is included in the U.S. National Register of Historic Landmarks. The architecture is so beautiful and I really love seeing shows in this venue.
  4. And then after the show I am going to get blind drunk! Woo!
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  5. Couldn't ask for a better day
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