The current job I have that makes me money is: office assistant at my uncle's law firm. Yeah. It fuckin blows.
  1. Touring musician.
    I just wanna travel the world and play music. Please.
  2. Record producer.
    The DREAM.
  3. Bob Boilen's personal assistant.
    I'd take any job at NPR Music headquarters, really. I'd scrub bathrooms at their office.
  4. Screenwriter.
  5. The guy who decides what songs are on a soundtrack for a movie.
  6. Bar-back/Bartender.
    I do this over the summer. It's fun.
  7. Nonprofit administration in the arts.
    This is what I'm currently getting my masters degree in.
  8. College professor.
    Either history, music history, music theory, philosophy or creative writing. I'd be that cool professor who wears tweed jackets and smokes pot with you after class.
  9. Record store owner.
    All. Of. The. Vinyl.
  10. Liquor store owner.
    All. Of. The. Alcohol.
  11. Dog walker.
    Let me walk your dog. Please.