my brain.
  1. I'm now thinking in lists.
  2. Not that I didn't before.
  3. It's a very natural mental organization.
  4. But it was always more of a subconscious thing, ya know?
  5. Whereas now I'm very aware of it.
  6. And just always openly and actively making lists in my head.
  7. Like, all the time.
  8. Except I have anxiety and am very self conscious.
  9. So all of the list ideas I come up with become relegated to the drafts folder.
  10. Where they wait and dream of one day becoming public.
  11. But the worst is when I come up with a great list.…while in the shower.
  12. Its a lovely idea. It's perfectly worded. I've articulated everything I want to say.
  13. But I have no means through which to get it out of my head.
  14. And now I'm sitting in my room,
  15. Post-shower,
  16. Slumped over my iPhone,
  17. Hair dripping on the screen,
  18. Feeling dejected,
  19. As the words have escaped from my brain.
  20. Lost forever.
  21. ~
  22. I also had a dream involving list app recently.
  23. But that's a list story for another day. Or more likely my drafts folder.