Inspired by @ListPrompts. This story is way cooler than the other one and I'm way more proud of it than vol. 1.
  1. So there's this huge national charity called Stand Up 2 Cancer
    You may have heard of it. They have a ton of celebrity spokespeople.
  2. Back in 2010 they ran a national songwriting/music video competition
    Dave Stewart from the Eurythmics wrote a theme song for stand up 2 cancer. Basically you had to write your own arrangement of the song, perform it, and put it to video.
  3. A friend of mine's mom (let's call her Mrs. Lady) wanted to enter the contest. She was gonna come up with the concept of the video and do all the filming and what not. She just needed someone for the music part
    She commissioned me to do it.
  4. So myself and my best friend/music partner Mike wrote an arrangement to the tune
    And we got a bunch of our musician friends to come record on the track with us.
  5. Then Mrs. Lady synced the recording to her video and submitted it
    Myself, Mike and a few other musicians appear in the video briefly.
  6. We ended up winning
  7. Myself and Mrs. Lady were flown out to LA to attend Stand Up 2 Cancer's live, nationally broadcast celebrity telethon
    For anyone who has never watched a celebrity telethon, it's basically the Grammys of charity events. A bunch of famous musicians perform and celebrities talk about cancer research and awareness and answer phones taking donations.
  8. It was awesome
  9. There was a post show party at Paramount Pictures' backlot and all of the celebrities from the show went
    Open bar!
  10. I got to meet and chat with almost all of them
    I had a nice, long drunk chat with Katie Couric. She was walking around without shoes on and a seemingly bottomless glass of wine in her hand.
  11. I got pictures with all of the celebrities I talked to, but I'm only gonna share one because it's a classic
    My friends still bring this pic up from time to time.
  12. Here is myself and Stevie Wonder! One of us is correctly looking at the camera…can you guess who?
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    Also, please ignore my 18-year old self lookin like a fuckin joke.
  13. Overall it was a really great, really fun experience and I'm proud of my song arranging abilities
    Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics, who wrote the song, said he liked my arrangement better than his own original. So that was neat. 😎