Inspired by @nathanveshecco. I could've easily just picked a few of my instruments and my record collection and called it a day. Those things are very prized possessions of mine, but as Nathan points out in his list, they are replaceable items. So I tried to pick some things that represent intangible irreplaceability.
  1. This pint glass.
    At my college there is an annual end of year party weekend known as Fred Fest. Last year, my super senior year, was my last and most memorable year of Fred Fest. Too many stories to count/remember. This glass is a physical representation of that weekend, something that can't ever be recreated. One of my good friends stole stole the glass that weekend from one of the bars in town. I somehow ended up with it, and I hope I never lose it because of the memories from that weekend.
  2. My hard drive.
    It would be expensive, but my laptop is replaceable. What's not replaceable is the content on my laptop. Which is all stored on my hard drive. All of my photos, my entire library of music, my school projects, my recording software, and most importantly everything I've every written, be it music or lyrics or scripts or journals or articles etc.
  3. This signed hockey stick.
    This is a long story that I might tell in detail in another list. The gist of it is this: I was really sick and hospitalized for the better part of a year when I was 2. To cope, I made up a story about playing hockey with one of my favorite players at the time. Word somehow got around to him and he signed one of his hockey sticks and sent it to me in the hospital. Definitely can't lose this one.
  4. This dude.
    When I was less than a year old I had to have open heart surgery (I had a lot of medical shit go down when I was young). Because I was so little and had such a major surgery, I had to constantly be monitored by the doctors. Meaning my mom couldn't really be around me. So she went to the hospital gift store and bought this little dude to put in my bed to keep me company. And you're damn right I still have him.
  5. The piano.
    Every instrument and piece of musical equipment I own means the world to me. And as devastating as it would be to lose them, they're all replaceable. However, this is the piano on which I first became a musician, and in turn the person I am today. This is the piano on which, at age 5, I first learned how to play. It's where I discovered the beauty of music and over the years spent hours honing my skills and exploring my own creativity. Without it, I don't become me. It means the most to me.