1. The ubiquitous faux hawk.
  2. Being in physical shape. Being muscular.
    I haven't been to a gym or worked out in like 8 years. I like to bike and hike, that's about it. Pictured: not me.
  3. Athletic sneakers.
  4. Generic brand shirts like this.
    Are you sensing a pattern here?
  5. Loose jeans.
  6. Watches.
    What's the need?
  7. PC.
  8. Bright, exuberant colors. Reds greens oranges yellows etc.
  9. Fast food.
    All processed foods, really.
  10. Big budget mainstream films with no depth of meaning. Anything that disregards elements like plot, writing, dialogue, character development etc.
    Most action films.
  11. Being a passive music listener. Basically just caring about what's on the Hot 100 charts and not wanting to discover or to delve deeper into artists. Just listening to the radio hits.
  12. One sided conversations. Talking just to talk.
    Basically running your mouth with no regard for the people you're talking to.
  13. Budweiser and most macro brews.
  14. Rum.