1. Ah, one of the most magical weekends of the year, when there isn't a sober soul in the city all weekend.
  2. And today is the culmination of our celebrating.
  3. The St. Patrick's day parade is upon us, folks.
  4. We celebrate our Irish heritage today by drinking our meals.
    Beer = bread. Whisky = corn. Good enough.
  5. Our parade here in Buffalo is the second largest St. Patty's Day celebration in the US.
  6. The open container law is basically lifted along the parade route, and cops pretty much just chill out while thousands of drunken fools descend upon the heart of the city.
  7. The cops barely bat an eye.
  8. Then after the parade, the bars will overflow with the merriest (drunkest) of souls, where the imbibing will rage on for hours more.
  9. Time of First Beer: 10:17 am
  10. Time of Death: TBD
    Probs around 8pm
  11. Ok, this has been another addition of drunk listing. Have a good day everyone.
  12. Sláinte! 🍻🇨🇮