Inspired by @BWN_7
  1. Sandrock
    Apartment my parents lived in when I was born. Only spent the first year of my life there. Don't remember it at all.
  2. Briercliff Drive (mom's house)
    I'm back living here currently. It's located in a rich, stuck-up white person neighborhood and I fucking hate it. We moved here when I was 14, entering high school, and my parents were mid-divorce. What a shitty period of life.
  3. Amsdell Road (dad's house)
    The house is over 100 years old which is pretty cool, but also its falling apart kinda? Don't spend much time here anymore, idk why.
  4. Ring Road
    Location of my dorm room freshman and sophomore year of college. I lived in a suite with 7 other dudes who would become my close group of best friends. Many shenanigans ensued, much to the chagrin of our RA. So many parties. So little class attending.
  5. Brigham Road
    College apartment where I lived junior and senior year. My entire close friend group from the dorms all moved into the same unit, which led to many a three story party being thrown.
  6. Rogers Road
    My childhood home. I grew up here. The yard was so big and the house was awesome and there was a park around the corner. It was perfect. I was devastated when we moved.
  7. Day Street
    The house I lived in during my super senior year (5th year) of college. All the same guys from the previous apartment unit moved into this house. It was right around the corner from where all the bars were, too. Sobriety was not our strong suit.