Inspired by a lot of people.
  1. North: Toronto, Ontario
    I've been to Toronto several times in my life. Its less than two hours from my house. Concerts, sporting events, etc. It's an ok city.
  2. South: Orlando, Florida
    Not a fan of the state of Florida. Sorry if you're from there. Just nothing about it appeals to me. But I went to Disney when I was young, and that was cool, so whatevs.
  3. East: Salem, Massachusetts
    Salem is neat. A lot of history. It's a nice, quaint little town. Really fun to visit during October/fall. Only problem is that it has become kinda commercialized and touristy because of all the popularity of the culture surrounding witchcraft and the town's history with witches.
  4. West: San Francisco, California
    Love visiting California. Been all over the state. And San Francisco is super chill. That being said, it's probably my least favorite spot I've been to in California.
  5. Highest Elevation: Mt. Moosilauke, Benton, New Hampshire
    The drummer in my band lived in New Hampshire for a few years so we would visit the Vermont/NH area a lot. We're all outdoorsy dudes so we decided to climb this mountain one day. 4,803 ft. elevation. Took a couple hours. Drank some beers at the summit. V chill.