A beautiful place.
  1. How did we get this lucky?
    What did we do to deserve such a lovely app?
  2. The format is cool.
    A very interesting, unique format. Lists are cool. They are a very natural mental output. It's pretty easy to be creative, funny, and/or thoughtful in this space (all of which I've witnessed). It's refreshing to find something like this in the vast bull shit tundra that is the inter webs.
  3. The environment is chill.
    Speaking of bull shit, I haven't seen any of the normal downhearted social media interaction we have all, I'm sure, become accustomed to. I also haven't come across any bots or novelty accounts or trolls or anything. Like, what? Are we still on the Internet? We are, somehow, still operating in an environment of positivity.
  4. The community is dope.
    I mean this in the least creepy way, but you are all beautiful. The shit that I have seen thus far is awesome. The creativity and outpouring of list makers. The encouragement and positivity of the people commenting on lists. Everyone is openly and unabashedly sharing thoughts and ideas and emotions. Everyone is freely interacting with each other in intellectual exchange, engaging without fear of backlash. And we are all actual real human persons! Actually interacting! On the Internet! How neat?
  5. The creators are rad.
    Thanks @bjnovak and team @list. Thanks for creating this. You guys are v cool.
  6. I can't get enough.
    In the last month or so since I've downloaded it, it's become my new favorite app. I'm constantly on here, reading and liking lists. However, this is only the third list of my own that I've written. I will try and write more.
  7. Keep doin what you're doin, friends.