A neat little idea. Thanks, @nathanveshecco 👍🏻 (I'm actually working on a real album right now but shhh I'm not revealing those track names to you guys I'm not emotionally stable enough to let you peer into my soul. Also I'm not Kanye. Maybe later..)
  1. Intro(vert)
    See what I did there?
  2. Awkward in G Major
  3. Don't Look at Me
  4. 1/8th Life Crisis
  5. Fuck..
  6. The Ballad of a Poorly Timed Kiss
  7. Catching the Feels, Again
  8. BAC or GPA (Which Is Higher?)
    Spoiler: it's BAC
  9. Seven Dollars to My Name
  10. Girls (Oops, I Blew it Again)
  11. Refresh My Memory (Sorry, I Was Blacked Out)
  12. Disaster in B Minor
  13. The Broke-as-Shit Boogie
  14. Incomplete and Insecure
    Avett Brothers cover
  15. Peace Out(ro)
    See what I did there also?