Not that I'm not gonna see the new movie. I'm excited to see it. I'm just not shitting my pants like everyone else. I love the originals. I hated the new ones. I hope this one doesn't blow. But I don't have a full on nerdgasm over it like I do with these things.
  1. Seeing my favorite bands in my hometown.
    I love live music. I try and go to as many concerts as I can. But there is something extra special about your favorites playing where you live. You get to share in not only the community of a crowd enjoying music, but you also have an extra bond with these people because you're all from the same literal community. For this, I will figuratively shit my pants.
  2. The new Miles Davis film.
    Don Cheadle is the man. And Miles Davis is GOAT. So when it was announced Don would be writing/directing/starring in a new film about Miles? Yeah, nerdgasm. Everyone creamed over that dude wielding a cross-blade light saber from the Star Wars trailer. I creamed over Don wielding that iconic trumpet. 😎🎺