A collection.
  1. Do dogs recognize waving?
    I wave to dogs a lot.
  2. I wish Jon Stewart was running for president.
  3. Cheese is so good.
  4. Is Jennifer Garner ok?
  5. Is Kanye West ok?
  6. I think Mozart in the Jungle is one of the best shows out right now, but literally no one is talking about it.
  7. Sleeping is rad.
  8. The United States really isn't as great of a country as it wants you to think it is…
  9. How amazing is water?
  10. What is death like?
  11. Boobs.
  12. -
  13. Sometimes I just think about thoughts. Does anyone else just think about thoughts?
    Like, I don't actually have the thought in my brain, but I just think about that thought being in my brain and what it would be like to think it.