Is it hyperbole to say this is a masterpiece? I think I've listened to this at least 20 times since it came out two weeks ago. I love every track. Just my personal ranking of the songs after thoroughly digesting them.
  1. How Great
    Probably one of Chance's most explicitly religious songs. As an atheist, I don't exactly connect with the overall message of his more religious songs, but there's no denying the beauty/power of the music. And I'm always on board for a full-on gospel choir. 👌👌
  2. Mixtape
    Showin love for the medium that he has mastered.
  3. All We Got
    A bumpin opening track. Sets the tone.
  4. Blessings (Reprise)
    I love reprises as closing tracks. "Are you ready big fella?"
  5. D.R.A.M. Sings Special
    Really pretty little interlude.
  6. Juke Jam
    Oh so smooth.
  7. All Night
    This one is a BANGER. When the horns come in on the second chorus, UHH.
  8. Finish Line / Drown
    Straight-up gospel. So exuberant. The saxophone fuckin wails on this one.
  9. Smoke Break
    The quick chord changes on this one are really cool.
  10. Summer Friends
    Every composition on Coloring Book is so well crafted. The string and vocal arrangements really make this track.
  11. Blessings
    Jamila Woods' vocals are so tight. This song is classic Chance.
  12. Angels
  13. No Problem
  14. Same Drugs
    Honestly, this is a really beautiful song. The musical arrangement, the production, the lyrics, Chance's vocals. Everything about it is so well executed. Just a perfect track.