Finally got around to writing this. Inspired by my TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE list. This is truth number 1. Requested by @k8zinker but other interested parties may include @LeahG @biz @jannychan @fairy
  1. So I actually briefly mentioned this in a previous list. You can reference it here for further backstory: MY FIVE MINUTES OF FAME, VOL. 2
  2. Basically, back in 2010, I was in LA for an event benefitting a charity called Stand Up 2 Cancer.
  3. After the event there was an after party held on the Paramount Pictures studio backlot.
  4. There were a shit ton of celebrities there.
  5. I met/talked to/got a picture with Jay Leno, Ray Liotta, Herbie Hancock, Eric Stonestreet, Stevie Wonder, Idris Elba, Ken Jeong, Kareem Abdul-Jabar and a few others I'm probably forgetting.
    There were way more celebs there that I didn't even get a chance to talk to.
  6. All of these were very brief interactions.
  7. But then there was Katie Couric.
  8. Obviously, the party featured an open bar.
  9. And Katie's wine glass seemed to be bottomless.
  10. I had had several drinks myself.
    They were vodka razzes. Don't judge me. I felt fancy.
  11. Katie was making her way from group to group, at this point barefoot.
  12. And she came up to the group I was with and opened a conversation.
  13. All of the other celebrities were pretty much there for photo ops. A few of the lesser known people hung around to chat.
  14. But Katie was there to socialize.
  15. It was actually really nice.
  16. We had a long conversation about the charity, about cancer and its affect on our lives and the people we know and love.
  17. Overall, it was a lovely evening, and for a moment I felt part of the Hollywood culture.
  18. I thought, "man this is what these people's lives are like pretty much every day. Lucky bastards."
  19. Any way, that's basically the gist of it. Enjoy this photo of us looking sloppy.