Inspired by @vmacies recent list about @timhortons. Plus actual conversations I've had with many Canadians throughout my life.
  1. The abundance of Tim Horton's restaurants.
    Just like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are ubiquitous throughout most of the US, the Canadian donut/coffee chain Tim Horton's is on almost every street here.
  2. We love hockey.
    Think about how much the US loves football and the NFL. It's literally the same here except with hockey and the NHL. The largest indoor hockey complex in the US is located in Buffalo. I can't stress enough how much we love it. It's one of the many things Canadians cite for why they love visiting here.
  3. We love Labatt Blue beer.
    This Canadian beer is a staple of Buffalo, about as common here as Budweiser is in the rest of the country. It's almost as common of a drink as water. We love/drink Labatt so much here that the company decided to open a US headquarters here. To take it even further, last summer one of our grain towers was painted to look like a giant six pack of labatt. Not a joke. Pic for proof.
  4. The weather.
    It's cold and it snows a good portion of the winter. The end.
  5. The people.
    Canadians have a reputation in the US for being overly polite. The people here in Buffalo are so warm and friendly (despite the weather) it's hard not to see the comparisons. Tourists are usually blown away by this. Ask a random person in NYC about local attractions and you probably get a quick answer, or ignored. Ask in Buffalo, and they'll tell you their favorite bar, the history of the bar, and then offer you a ride there.
  6. Canadian bands.
    We love Canadian bands. And they love us. Most Canadian bands love touring through Buffalo because to them it feels like a home away from home. The snow. The beer. The camaraderie. Tragically Hip, Sam Roberts Band, City & Colour and Arkells are just a few bands who have expressed their love for our city and make frequent stops here.
  7. We sing the Canadian National Anthem before sporting events.
    I shit you not. This is very real. Before games we do both the Star Spangled Banner and O, Canada.
  8. Our proximity to actual Canada.
    Canada is just a short bridge ride from downtown Buffalo. I could leave my house right now and probably be over the border in like half an hour, with traffic. Because of this, a lot of similarities in culture are shared between us. We also get quite a few Canadian tv channels and radio stations.
  9. Cheers, my Canadian brethren.
  10. 🍻✌🏻️🇨🇦