I don't usually like to think about "redoing" moments in life since you never know how they'll turn out otherwise. Also, sometimes regrettable things become great stories later on. So I'll just share this story of mild public embarrassment.
  1. I take you back to my senior year of high school. The year is 2010.
  2. I went to a pretty big school, where there were like 400 some kids in my graduating class.
  3. In order for graduation to not take hours, they did a separate ceremony for students who had won scholarships or awards. That way they didn't have to announce them at actual graduation.
  4. I had won a good amount of scholarships, which meant I had to go up on stage a lot.
  5. Well, my very first trip to the stage of the evening didn't go quite smoothly.
  6. As everyone is clapping and the principal is giving information about the scholarship, I waltzed across the stage.
  7. As I passed the podium, the edge of my shoe caught the cord for the microphone, yanking it out of its hold on the podium and sending it flying across stage.
    The principal was mid sentence, too.
  8. Trying not to seem too phased by it, I took a bow.
    Afterward, people told me that was actually pretty funny.
  9. The worst part was that that was my first one that I received and I had to keep going back up on stage to accept more scholarships.
  10. Over. And over. Each time now nervously in my brain like "don't trip don't trip don't trip don't trip…"
  11. Thankfully I didn't. But there's no forgetting the initial trip.
  12. Moral of the story, watch where you're walking.