Wise words to live by from dj. Khaled
  1. Pie vibes keep you focused
  2. Once a week get a mani/pedi
  3. Never panic
  4. To succeed you must believe
  5. Take your trash out
  6. Use a lot of cocoa butter, stay smooth.
  7. Expect major roadblocks when you are close to victory and then, overcome them.
  8. The ocean is healing and helps protect you from evil people. Avoid evil people.
  9. Always get a fresh cut ✂
    This probably means I should stop cutting my own hair. How is my mom always right?
  10. Keep your face clean
    Keep good relationships
  11. Almond milk and cinnamon toast crunchhhhh
  12. Weather the storm
  13. Find happiness and embrace it
  14. Be honest
    But don't play yourself
  15. Don't ever burn a bridge
    Can you walk on water?