It was going to be in order but there were just too many things // always adding
  1. My food being different temperatures
  2. Reheated chicken
  3. Franzia
  4. Mayo
  5. Seafood and mayo
  6. Undercooked chicken
  7. Any sort of grain and tomato
  8. A bad hollandaise
  9. Dry legs
  10. Talkative uber drivers
  11. Attention seeking Instagram accounts
  12. People who underdress for church
  13. lox sans capers
  14. Dying hair for the sake of it
  15. Talking in art galleries and museums
  16. Apathy
  17. The willingly ignorant (see apathy)
  18. The under appreciation of classical and jazz music
  19. Children wearing SNOWPANTS in art museums
  20. People who stand right in front of the metro door
  21. Tequila
  22. The Tappan Zee