Albums of My Life

The most memorable albums from my life - some embarrassing, some not, all had a moment with me
  1. Garth Brooks - No Fences
    I challenge anyone of my generation to not know the lyrics to Thunder Rolls or Friends In Low Places. Growing up around horses in Florida, country music was huge for me. Garth Brooks was my first ever concert, and I'll be damned if he didn't put on a good show.
  2. Mariah Carey - Daydream
    The first CD I ever bought. I still remember the crack in the case that happened after many listens. I also still remember the times watching MTV waiting for one of the videos from this album to come on. Her sampling of the Tom Tom Club might be why I developed such a fondness for the Talking Heads.
  3. Empire Records - Soundtrack
    God dammit. I still love the Gin Blossoms.
  4. Dixie Chicks - Wide Open Spaces
    See earlier - Florida, horses. Also still reminds me of being 15 and riding around in my friend's car after she got her license and singing along.
  5. Ben Folds Five - Whatever and Ever Amen
    I remember sitting on the floor of my room in front of my boom box waiting for Brick to come on the radio so I could record it to cassette. Hey, remember making mixed tapes of songs recorded from the radio? There was such a feeling of triumph if you could hit record without missing any of the opening bars. Also, this is probably when I finally started to develop taste. (I'm gonna ignore the couple of misguided years into jam bands, oof)
  6. Beck - Midnight Vultures
    Debra is such a good song to sing along with. I always got mad that I couldn't put it on CD mixes because of the hidden track that came after it. Hey - remember hidden tracks y'all???
  7. Led Zeppelin
    Yea, I had a classic rock phase in high school that somehow led into jam bands. Thank god for the indie music revolution of the early aughts. This album will always be amazing though.
  8. G Love & Special Sauce
    Sometimes you date someone and start to like the things they like. I might have never listened to G Love if it weren't for him, and I haven't listened to G Love much since, but this music will always remind me of a special time.
  9. The White Stripes - White Blood Cells
    And sometimes that person you date in college takes you to see a band you never heard of, at the venue on campus, and it turns out to be great and opens the door to a whole world of great music you never knew about before.
  10. Rilo Kiley - More Adventurous
    Still, and will always be, a favorite.
  11. Interpol - Turn On the Bright Lights
    Transports me back to leaving Florida and heading to New York right after college. Also still a favorite.
  12. Andrew Bird - Weather Systems
    I can still taste the banana nut muffin and coffee I would have for breakfast at work while I listened to this every morning.
  13. Elliott Smith - Figure 8
    I can't remember when I was first introduced to Elliott Smith, but I know this was the first of his albums I heard. It may not be my favorite of all his work, but I still love it because it opened the door to an artist I love.
  14. Jenny Lewis - Rabbit Fur Coat
    Such a great album. I can't believe it's been 10 years since it was released. I saw her on this tour in New York. She played in an old church and did a processional as she walked down the aisle to the stage. We state in pew like rows the entire concert. So good.
  15. The Black Lips - Good, Bad, Not Evil.
    Simply fun.
  16. Deer Tick - War Elephant
    The perfect marriage of my country roots and modern taste.
  17. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Dig Lazarus Dig
    Another one I came to late in the game. This album introduced to me to the music of Nick Cave and began a love affair for life.
  18. Sharon Van Etten - Epic
    Simply beautiful.