She has a GREAT ass. @naltman
  1. She's a freak like me, but more covert
  2. She's the reason Im chill with dying
  3. Queer stuff
  4. She has seen me at my worst, and was always there for me when I was drugged up on the side of the road with a bunch of random kids I didn't know.
  5. She sends me things she really likes, so I can like them too.
  6. She remembers everything I tell her.
    I'm actually starting to think she might have a superior memory to all other humans.
  7. She has incredible work ethic,
  8. She lets me express my emotions freely, even when its too much
  9. Her pug is real cute even though its inbred
  10. She's all I need in a friend
  11. If there is a higher being they definitely made us to be friends