@naltman this is basically a love song for you. You're my soulmate.
  1. Green Way
    We saw Sparkman High's hottest teacher at the park and he almost convinced me to jump off that rope swing for extra bonus points in English. But the best part was that we saw each others tits for the first time. Best way to solidify friendship.
  2. Chain Smoking
    I learned so much about myself and life from chain smoking at the end of my driveway with you. I got over my fear of death, I began to question my religious beliefs, and my darkest thoughts were met with understanding. This is when I realized we were built to last, at least while we were alive.
  3. Bathtub Times
    I was still adjusting to freshman year of college and your life was a whirlwind. I used to send your partial nudes on snapchat and we would talk for hours on the phone while I sat in the bathtub. It was fun and silly and one of my favorite times in our friendship.
  4. Coffee Shop Home
    We fucking lived at that coffee shop, it was hipster central and I hated it. But I loved being with you, drinking coffee, and smoking on the patio. Every other person there either knew you or wanted to, it annoyed me and I loved you for it.
  5. Valentines Day
    You gave me River Songs diary, I gave you everything I could afford to. We ate sushi and that night I discovered a love for Ezra Miller. I had a lot of romantic feeling for you back then, so when you left I cried and watched Perks of Being a Wallflower three times. I wrote in the diary you gave me for the first time. I thought I was very much in love with you.