Party Supplies for Me and Natalie's Ridiculously Girly Sleepover

@naltman I know you haven't agreed to this yet. . . Maybe because I haven't even told you about it, but you really should! 💕💕💕
  1. Copious amounts of our fave alcohol
    Im thinking about getting a handle of fireball. Gin for you.
  2. All the makeup we own
    I wanna teach ya some tricks
  3. A Spotify playlist that I'm already working on.
    I promise I restrained myself from Kanye
  4. Bleach and Toner
    Im so ready
  5. Ugly Pajamas
    This is mandatory, they have to be really ugly
  6. Take-Out
    Sushi or Salads or Fruit Bowls
  7. Credit/Debit Cards for online shopping
    Im obviously going to have to save up for this
  8. Phone chargers
    If i'm being honest, Im going to make you take ridiculous amounts of photos with me.
  9. Brunch
    Avocado & Sourdough Bread & Tomatoes
  10. Orange juice and Champagne
    See above ^
  11. Nail polish
    I need to get better use out of my stolen HS loot
  12. Face masks from Sephora
  13. Blankets and Chairs and Lights
    I really want to make a blanket fort
  14. Redbull
    Neither of us are sleeping
  15. Coffee
    We REALLY aren't sleeping
  16. Notebook/ Journals
    So we can get in our feeling and write about shit
  17. Playing Cards
    You have to teach me all the drinking games
  18. Broad city episodes
    Unlocked and Loaded: we have to watch em together
  19. Weird indie movies
    We each pick 2
  20. A needle and a hoop
    You're going to pierce my nose homie