Oh god @naltman
  1. Every. Single. Time. I went to a party and took random pills, from a random guy, in some random house, with no way of getting home.
  2. Purposely put nudes online
    Sidenote: I really want big tits to come back in style.
  3. Spend 1,000s of dollars in a Singaporean mall, because it had the best air condition.
    Shortly after I was broke and homeless in Australia
  4. Ate a whole pizza ( happened more than once)
    The worst part is that it was from Little Caesars
  5. Made out with and Ex's best friend
  6. Every time I skipped class
    Second highest absence rate in my year 🏆 @naltman you know who the first was
  7. Fucked one of my best friends😁
  8. Broke up a relationship 😬
  9. The second bottle of wine
    Always the second bottle