I nanny a three year old boy, and he asks way too many questions.
  1. Do animals like to eat guacamole?
    "Not sure. Ask your dad."
  2. When did your penis fall off?
    "I was not born with a penis. I have never had one."
  3. When will I have big boobs like my dad?
    "Your dad doesn't have boobs."
  4. What do you hold when you go potty if you don't have a pianist?
    "Toilet paper."
  5. If the car turned into a train on the hill, would you still drive it?
    "I would try my best. Hopefully that won't happen."
  6. Do you want me to hold my hands out incase you poop?
    "No thank you. I will go to the restroom if that happens."
  7. One Halloween before I die can I be a Stormtrooper?
    "I think we can make that happen."