List of...
  1. Ways in which I think Michael Cera just accidentally became an actor
  2. Best SNL Weekend Update hosts
  3. Lessons I didn't but should have learned in Full House
  4. Powerful and inspiring women
  5. Favorite words that make me sound pretentious
  6. What I learned from Aaron Sorkin about American government
  7. Things I lost in my room when I was eight (most imp. the Metamorphoses Hilary Duff cd)
  8. Candles I think should be real
  9. My favorite pug-related Instagram accounts
  10. Most profound daytime television quotations
  11. The few things that make me truly happy
  12. Favorite coffee shops that let you know they love mason jars and judgement simply from the name of the shop
  13. Snide things I've said before I've had my coffee
  14. Irrational fears and other reasons you won't want to be my friend