and these are just some of my favorites!!
  1. Getting groceries today, a bag boy told me "Here's a light bag for you to carry"
    obviously I am too weak to carry milk PLEASE only give me the bread bag-3 whole lbs??? No thank you!!
  2. "You're being so bossy."
    A man will never hear that he is being bossy; instead, a man will hear that he is authoritative and powerful for the same characteristics that make a woman bossy. A man is viewed as a noun- the boss; whereas, a woman is viewed as an adjective-bossy.
  3. "You'd be so much prettier if you tried."
    AKA you aren't as pretty without your hair and makeup done. I honestly don't understand how this is supposed to be viewed as a compliment. If I don't feel like "trying" that day, then I don't have to!! Sometimes (almost everyday) I choose sleep over makeup
  4. "Oh you're a feminist? So you must hate men."
    Nope. Being a feminist is, in fact, the opposite of hating anyone; being a feminist is about freedom and equality for everyone.
  5. "You're good at math (and/or science)? That's so cool and rare!"
    My favorite part about this one is that people are 1) genuinely surprised and 2) actually act proud of you like it's some crazy accomplishment to be equal in intellect in this "man's field"