So I know everyone thinks it is harder to do finals as a student, but if you're an educator who actually cares about LEARNING, then finals are really time-consuming and exhausting. Writing accurate/fair assessments takes time. Studying with my kids. Grading them. Agonizing over whether their grade is a result of laziness or not. I care too much.
  1. Hot cocoa in my morning coffee.
    Something about this is just extra christmassy and fun. It's like just a little mood lifter. A poor man's mocha.
  2. Coloring
    While my kids take their finals, if I'm not grading, I color. Today I colored before giving finals while listening to a podcast. It was great. So therapeutic.
  3. Dessert carbs
    OKAY NOBODY SAID THESE WERE HEALTHY STRATEGIES // the staff lounge is stocked with mediocre baked goods so.
  4. Reading breaks
    I read totally easy and non-academic books while my kids take their finals
  5. Grade efficiently and immediately
    I do not let tests sit. As soon as I get them, I GRADE. I'm one of the fastest and most efficient graders out of all the high school teachers - in general, not just for exams. This is impressive considering my exams are mostly long-answer based (modified essays).
  6. To-do lists
    So so satisfying to check things off
  7. Christmas music
    Constantly. Without fail.