I Wish I Was/I Actually Am

  1. I wish I was Kristina Braverman
    She's brave and amazing and gets stuff done
  2. But I think I actually am Haddie Braverman
    Trying too hard and whining a lot
  3. I wish I was Sookie St. James
    She's happy and creative and works hard and has a husband and a life
  4. But I think I am Paris Geller
    This isn't really a bad thing necessarily but like she is a taaaaaad untouchable
  5. I wish I was Carla
    The woman knows what she is DOING.
  6. But I think I am JD
    Overly needy and neurotic?
  7. I wish I was Leslie Knope
    I wish I was as positive and a go-getter like her.
  8. But I think I am Ann Perkins
    Supportive best friend but a little bit less sparkly and sort of boring? Also, defines herself by others a lot.
  9. I wish I was Gina Linetti
    Because she is 💯
  10. I think I am actually Amy Santiago
    Sigh. Overly obsessed with rules and perfection. Everyone at work makes fun of me for being a rule-follower.
  11. I wish I was Tami Taylor
    She invests in the lives of kids and loves passionately
  12. I think I AM TAMI TAYLOR.
    Owned, folks. OWNED. Ok I may not be fully Tami but I'm working on it. And being less of a Julie.
  13. I wish I was Phoebe
    She's 100% herself and quirky and confident. When I was younger I didn't like her but I was WRONG
  14. But I actually am Chandler/Monica
    I'm sarcastic and insecure and awkward yet also perfectionist and bossy