Television is very important to me. I find that it is a great way to tell a story and I would more often choose to watch entire seasons of a show than to commit to even one movie. As an introvert, TV is a huge way that I connect to others and socialize with them. It's low pressure. If you watch none of my shows we can't be besties. Or married.
  1. Friends
    This is an obvious one that cuts across most demographics. I don't really know anyone who actively hates Friends. Even if you just passively watch it, it's enjoyable. To me, Friends feels homey - like falling asleep with Nick@Nite on in my college dorm room, or staying up at high school sleepovers and giggling at Joey quotes. My sister bought me all 10 seasons a couple christmases ago after I moved to Singapore (with no access to Friends) and I cried. It felt like home in a box set.
  2. Gilmore Girls
    Ok remember how I said Friends feels like home? Gilmore Girls is that feeling intensified by 100. These are my people. I feel safe, happy, and cozy when I watch Gilmore. I wanted to be ambitious like Rory (you know when she was hardworking and ambitious and not having a stupid affair with ex boyfriends). I wanted to be witty like Lorelai. I wanted to be strong like Emily. I wanted to be quirky like Sookie. I wanted to be faithful like Lane. Gosh I love these characters.
  3. Psych
    This was the show I watched with my brother. It was our bonding show and I fell in love with Shawn and Gus. I laugh at a joke I hadn't heard before every time I watch.
  4. The Office
    This feels obvious. Jim and Pam for life. I don't think there are any characters that I absolutely cannot stand. Like even when they are cringeworthy and unlikeable that's just because that's what the show is. Also Parkour is one of the best cold opens I have ever seen.
  5. Parks and Recreation
    I want to be a Leslie but I'm afraid I'm more of an Ann. All the characters here are just perfectly quotable and lovable and amazing. Don't you wanna live in Pawnee? Despite its seemingly bizarre and awful citizens? Even the small/side characters are phenomenal (Jean Ralphio?!). Not to mention, this is the show that gave us TREAT YO SELF. It changed my life forever. Aziz Ansari's voice in my head always causes me to over-purchase.
  6. Jane the Virgin
    Yes and amen to this show. Hilarious. Ridiculous. Self-aware. Gina Rodriguez is an absolute TREASURE. Representation matters. Complex morality. Current. I mean...this is a CW show?!? also I ❤Rogelio.
  7. Chuck
    Whenever I explain the premise of this show to anyone I realize just how ridiculous it is. But in such a good way. Chuck and Sarah. Captain Awesome. The soundtrack?! Zachary Levi is pretty much my dream guy.
  8. Veronica Mars
    Smart, sassy teenaged detective played by Kristen Bell?! I mean. Sign me up. The friendships in this show really make it.
  9. Brooklyn 99
    I didn't think I was going to like this show but I was so wrong. I laugh out loud in every episode. Every character is phenomenal. Every cast member is at the top of their game. When Seth Meyers got to hand Andy Samberg their Golden Globe for their first season I almost cried.
  10. Gossip Girl
    You know you love me, xoxo.
  11. Friday Night Lights
    Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lost. Tami and Coach and Texas forever (do I really have to explain this to you?)
  12. Parenthood
    I like my heart being broken every gosh darn episode. The Bravermans are so believable. I love this show. Looking at gifs got me choked up.
  13. New Girl
    I quit after season 2 because Nick and Jess together was boring. But then on a whim I tried it again and it was funny so I hung around. Winston and Schmidt and Nick are my fave characters. Also someone explain True American pls.
  14. The Mindy Project
    Mindy Lahiri is so unapologetically herself. She's both super likable and intensely unlikable. season 1 especially is solid gold TV.
  15. Scrubs
    So weird but it works for me 🤷🏼‍♀️Also it is heart wrenching a lot more than expected.
  16. Community
    Also weird but so good. 🎶TROY AND ABED IN THE MOOOORNING 🎶 (they're my faves). I like how they experimented with different genres and it never annoyed me. Creative and absurdly ridiculous.
  17. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
    A musical tv show about a woman who struggles with mental illness. The CW is KILLIN the game. This show is ahead of its time.
  18. Teen Wolf
    I care so much about this disaster of a show. And I have basically no one to talk about it with. Also, the iconic "WHERE ARE YOU GETTING YOUR JUICE?!" Line from season 1. Oh man.
  19. This Is Us
    Talk about good story telling. I was screaming at the first episode. They hooked me. I'm ready for it to be back next week!!
  20. The OC
    Seth Cohen AND Ryan Atwood mean a lot to me. And Summer. But honestly Marissa got what she deserved.
  21. 30 Rock
    I think this is the funniest show to me ever. Liz Lemon is just an amazing character wow. Tracy Jordan?!? ALEC BALDWIN'S CHARACTER?! The writing is tops. also what is Kenneth?!? One of television's great mysteries, that's what.
  22. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    Netflix proved for me that their shows were gonna change my life. I needed this show.
  23. One Tree Hill
    But really only up til like season 5 maybe. Still really important to me because HIGH SCHOOL. Naley 😍 🎶I DONT WANNA BE ANYTHING OTHER THAN WHAT IVE BEEN TRYNA BE LATELY🎶
  24. Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23
    Hate that it was cancelled. Will never get over James Van Der Beek playing himself.
  25. Project Runway
    I am amazing at commentary for this show and also i LOVE IT SO MUCH
  26. The Good Wife
    I'm only on season 2. Me and my hiousemates watch it together so it's sorta slower than I normally would take but I LOVE IT. Don't spoil it pls. Also Kalinda is a badass.
  27. Superstore
    I used to work at a Walmart and y'all this show is too accurate and hilarious 😂
  28. Raising Hope
    This was one of my favorite shows in college and I was super sad when it stopped airing (prematurely). I felt it hit all the right notes. Super funny and underrated.