Preface: I'm obsessed with sleep. I have little things that I'm not sure are normal. Chime in if any sound familiar to you or are Totally Bizarre And Should Be Looked At By A Professional.
  1. I frequently choose to go to sleep at 5-7 pm because I get up at 5 am and I like at least 10 hours of sleep.
    Sadly recently I've been getting 6-7 which makes me less than amiable.
  2. Once I have laid down and the lights are off, I typically get up to pee AT LEAST 3 times. Minimum.
    My brain, if it detects even the slightest trace of urine in my bladder, REFUSES to shut down.
  3. I clench my teeth which I only realized like a month ago
  4. On a related note: I can only seem to fall asleep on my stomach with one arm under my pillow facing left. It doesn't matter what the orientation of my bed is, I must face left.
    But laying on my stomach causes me to clench my jaw so I have been trying to sleep on my back for a much more relaxed face. Minimal success.
  5. CanNOT sleep with socks on.
  6. Must have a fan going. Even if I have AC. Even it is cold. It's not just the sound; it is also just the movement of air I think.
    Also probably has to do with growing up in Southeast Asia and always having fans.
  7. My mind often OFTEN does this weird warp speed/slow motion thing. It alternates between an incredibly fast yelling of my thoughts and then a super slowed down response. It is actually really bizarre.
    It used to happen to me during math tests in school. But now it happens usually before I go to sleep. I do not like it.
  8. Have to sleep with something over me. Have to.
    Sheet, blanket, comforter, SOMETHING
  9. I change positions A LOT in my sleep. I toss and turn.
    It doesn't usually fully wake me up but if I had someone else in my bed it would be an issue. In high school I used to wake up with my head at the foot of my bed...bizarre.
  10. I'm a sleepwalker but have had no major incidents post-grad
    But in college I once wandered our dorm at 3 am with zero memory of it.
  11. When I fly in my dreams, it is like swimming in the air and requires a ton of effort - treading water to stay up, etc. almost like a weird video game where you have to keep tapping to go up.
    Flying dreams, as a result, are very very stressful and exhausting for me
  12. I have to put Vaseline on my lips before I go to sleep or I can't fall asleep
    ??? Dry lips are apparently too uncomfortable??
  13. I have TEN pillows on my bed
    10 pillows for 1 person. It is absurd.
  14. If my hair is touching my neck I am not gonna be able to fall asleep
    Huge issue. I can't wear it in a ponytail though because that is too restricting
  15. I cannot wear any jewelry and fall asleep
    Except for my nose ring