Some spoilers. Don't read if you don't want the spoilers.
  1. It was just as magical ✨
  2. The tap dance scene is cemented as my favorite scene
  3. The opening number made me cry because of how joyful it is
  4. What did we do to deserve the gift that is Ryan Gosling?
    The way he created this character - so much of what happens is unsaid and I really love that. I feel like there are layers to him that we get to see rather than just hear. He made some really beautiful choices.
  5. Emma Stone has been the person I've wanted to play me in the movie about my life since I saw Easy A.
    The girl has grown a ton. I feel like this performance shows that. I love that her voice is shaky and imperfect, I love the way she cries on screen because it's how I imagine I cry, I love her goofy faces. I LOVE her.
  6. The colors.
    They're so rich and bright. Every single costume was meant to pop on screen and they did. Just gorgeous.
  7. I cried multiple times.
    Because I'm a cry baby.
  8. S I G H
  9. Also, at the end? Of course her husband wants to go into the jazz club!!!!!! BC HER HUSBAND IS GUY PATTERSON/SPARTACUS
    How did I not realize that the first time I watched it?!? Oh right, I was too busy being traumatized by the fact that Seb and Mia weren't together. Got it.
  10. I wanted to belt out all the songs but I only whisper-sang them because I'm a good person
    Sort of