Make-up is Practical Magic

I literally did this in only 10 minutes so it's not my best certainly but is crazy amazing and I love it.
  1. Before
    Who is this sleepy girl with no eyelashes and huge bags under her eyes (and a stress break out obviously)
  2. After
    Whoever she is, she's gone cuz I feel hella rested and have eyelashes and minimal pimples sooo.
  3. Thanks makeup for making me feel like Cinderella on the daily!
  4. Before
  5. After heyyyyy 👋🏼
  6. I haven't done full make-up in nine days since I was on a service trip and I missed it! Tried my new tarte matte lip paint in "Delish" which I loooove and tried benefit gimme brow and the brow pencil (can't remember the name) and I'm digging the results.
  7. Suffering from food poisoning but I have tickets to West Side Story so I have to go duh
    Thx makeup