I have major depressive disorder but have never struggled with anxiety (thankfully). But in December I had my first ever panic attack and it was awful. And for the past two weeks I have been experiencing consistent anxiety. I haven't been sleeping well and these physical symptoms are the worst. I have so much empathy for those that live like this.
  1. Literally anything having to do with Trump sends me through the roof
  2. Scrolling through Twitter
    (Yet I feel like I can't not)
  3. Scrolling through Facebook
    (I deleted the app this week)
  4. When a student messages me over the weekend to say, "I need to talk to you about some things in person"
    Literally why do I care about this? I immediately feel like they're mad at me when they probably aren't. Not to mention IT IS A STUDENT WHO CARES (me)
  5. Not being able to sleep (because I'm anxious which then makes me even more anxious)
  6. When people take a long time to text me back
  7. Literally pretty much anything